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According to the British "daily mail" reported on July 23, even is famous for its fashion, Kate Christian louboutin outlet dallas is also a fan of Christian Louboutin. Designer and founder of the Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin told The Times newspaper said the British Kate princess also wear Christian Louboutin Christian louboutin outlet online store shoes, "princess Victoria Beckham to Kate I design a pair of shoes, Kate was photographed just wearing it, she looks so beautiful."

At present, with the New York Batallure Christian louboutin outlet store Beauty brand Christian Louboutin Beauty, LLC cooperation into the Beauty market and launched the "Christian Louboutin Beaute" Beauty makeup product line, recently, the cooperative design of luxury series finally nails.

Christian Louboutin designer Cheap christian louboutin shoes outlet said in an interview with women's wear daily "if let me do beauty makeup products, I'll according to my style to do it." It is understood that the polish series of signs Red Rouge nails Louboutin will begin on July 22, saks fifth avenue in New York Louboutin15 flagship christian louboutin outlet online store to meet with you, and other styles of this series will have all stores by August 31.
Sexy actress Marilyn Monroe has been a four, the fifties, the Italian shoe master Salvatore Ferragamo Christian louboutin outlet dallas loyal customers. The actress knows the importance of high-heeled shoes to yourself up and down the screen image to maintain, even there were rumours that she went to build high heels, Ferragamo, will expressly told the shoemaker to make short half an inch of a shoe heel, so put on Christian louboutin outlet store whether to walk or still photographs, will be more swaying.

For the connection between the high heels and sex element, many image creators for us to make the most direct interpretation. Guy Bourdin, Helmut Newton and others always have love in the photos, the camera Christian louboutin outlet store on the women wearing high shoes. Even most of the time, models are often naked, only a pair of shoes. The acme deduction for sexy element has reached the level of fetish. Artist's Rene Magritte painting "La Philosophie dans le Boudoir", the painter painted a pair of front is in the form of human feet high heels, behind also hung a with female chest, white dress, revealed for the common people in surreal style dress set a specific gender orientation. David Lynch cooperation with Christian Louboutin photo is also a case: the models were wearing christian louboutin shoes outlet nearly vertical ground force arch ultra red shoes, the above is in the dim light, muscular naked legs, such shoes obviously cannot provide comfortable feeling, but also makes the sm's allusion to appear very obvious.

Ms Miuccia is frowsty coquettish in ambiguous aesthetic, these are all reflected in the pairs of unique Prada shoes. In short to cater to 2008 chun xia series "Trembled Blossoms", a similar nudges the arousal of the plot: a christian louboutin outlet online store bird beak deep stab into bud, honey flowing out of the thick liquid, also awakened sleeping all the naked women; Insects spirit beast of the earth gathered at the foot of the woman, unreal new fashion series black mushroom in high heels. So can't a woman wearing high heels, walking in space, until you step into a dark forest, met a symbol of the male desire the Horned God, the only full back up her dress bags, become a mature woman.
Early autumn temperature increasing added more options to match, this one day look will recommend you very smart and very have feminine taste christian louboutin outlet online store chalaza sandal is tie-in, sexy sandals and frivolous early autumn outfit will sparks of how to do, and see it together.

This day a look fashion (weibo) blogger Aimee Song bring with high heels Christian louboutin outlet dallas collocation, she chooses to dress collocation of fashionable bright color with high heels have feminine taste very much, and the collocation of whole body gray to look more comfortable leisure style, and deserve to act the role of golden light up the whole body, choose show class both refined and, as you can see Aimee the collocation of good taste.

Waist thick and thin is a figure with very real dress collocation, for lace-up high-heeled sandals also very applicable. Upper Cheap christian louboutin shoes outlet body can wear a two-piece, for example, plus a T-shirt or sweater and skirt if the weather is hot shirt and vest is good also, and choose to cultivate one's morality dress or shorts are good, again tie-in sexy lace-up high-heeled shoes, charm immediately.

Buy some sunglasses to adjust collocation (2) if not head is dressed up, with high heels can make low center of christian louboutin outlet online gravity of the collocation, whole looks not enough coordination, and hats and shoes style is not enough, so the sunglasses will be your best choice.

It seems fashion bloggers Margaret Zhang also love with high heels, she with a suit jacket and tie belt high heels collocation more christian louboutin outlet online store has the flavor of the professional women, handbags and sunglasses and fur make collocation more glamorous, mix stand out big woman aura is dye-in-the-wood.